The Division’s Lucky Number 7

While we waited for Chris to return to the game, John and I shared some friendly (and funny) banter…


Killer Instinct Season 3… What to Expect


Killer Instinkiller-instinct-wallpaper-3ct Season 3 will release on March 29th, 2016.  This 3rd major add on to the base game will provide you with 4 new characters at launch, and at least 4 more throughout the life of this expansion.  KI season 3 will also include new costumes, accessories, levels, and a revamped story mode to battle through.  The biggest news associated with the new season so far, though, is that Killer Instinct is getting a Windows PC release!  Who am I kidding? The biggest news so far is the inclusion of the Arbiter from Halo!!

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