Game of Thrones: The End of Season 6

Game of Thrones

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!  It’s been a few weeks since we last discussed the happenings in Westeros and Essos and a lot has happened.  In what were possibly the best 2 episodes the show has aired so far, the show runners stayed true to form in providing a behemoth 9th episode but then outdid themselves with a massive finale.  Even though the finale was 80 minutes long, it never felt bloated and was both extremely well paced and immensely satisfying.  Let’s break down some of the biggest events of the end of the 6th season.  Spoilers. Continue reading


Game of Thrones: Home

3eyedravenAlright ladies and gentlemen, Game of Thrones Season 6 got to full gallop pretty quickly; while the season premiere served in many ways to remind the audience of where the show has been in many ways episode 2 actually felt more like a season premiere with many characters facing pivotal moments in their story arcs. What is certain is that now the show is free of GRRM’s narrative in many ways and they can make sweeping movements in the pacing of the show. With a rumored 19 episodes remaining at the conclusion of this season it’s clear that winter has come. Obligatory Spoiler Warning. Continue reading