Game of Thrones: The End of Season 6

Game of Thrones

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!  It’s been a few weeks since we last discussed the happenings in Westeros and Essos and a lot has happened.  In what were possibly the best 2 episodes the show has aired so far, the show runners stayed true to form in providing a behemoth 9th episode but then outdid themselves with a massive finale.  Even though the finale was 80 minutes long, it never felt bloated and was both extremely well paced and immensely satisfying.  Let’s break down some of the biggest events of the end of the 6th season.  Spoilers. Continue reading


Game of Thrones: Blood of my Blood

Game of Thrones

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was called “Blood of my Blood,” but it wasn’t very bloody. In fact, it seemed really padded; another episode toward the usually climactic 9th episode. There was a decent amount of information and set up, however, even if some of it was lateral movements for the narrative. Let’s run down the major scenes from last week before the new episode tonight! Spoilers are coming…. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: The Door

Game of Thrones

The 5th episode of Game of Thrones season 6 was called “The Door” and while the gears kept turning on some major plot lines introduced in some of the earlier episodes, it was also packed with a ton of massive revelations.  Where season 5 dragged on in a lot of ways, it seems that the producers realize that there aren’t many episodes left and that they need to take some large steps toward ending the story.  On the other side of the door there are spoilers. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger

The last few episodes have been a little padded in an attempt to lay the groundwork for major actions in the future.  “The Stranger” referred to in the title of the episode is one of the gods prayed to by those who follow the Faith of the Seven and this god represents death and the unknown: An ominous title for an episode.  There were a lot of reunions last week, alongside some subtle political maneuvering and all of it could mean a great many things for the story going forward. Let’s check it out. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Oathbreaker

Last week’s episode was called “Oathbreaker” and while many oaths have been broken since the beginning of the show these broken oaths have yet to fully manifest in the world.  People who remained faithful to old traditions and oaths and institutions of Westeros have not faired well.  Let’s check out some of the important oaths broken lately and how they might impact the story going forward.  Night gathers and now the spoilers begin. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: The Red Woman

Melisandre.jpgGame of Thrones is back, finally! Season 6 was the latest start in the shows history and we got answers to some questions while yet more questions are posed. With rumors floating around about there only being two seasons left after the one that is underway it’s hard not to try to begin connecting all the dots and look at the implications of even the subtlest actions of each character. The Starks are still scattered, old orders are fragile, magic and ascetic religions are on the rise, armies are comprised of both the living and the dead—the stage is set for the end. This post is dark and full of spoilers. Continue reading