Magic Weekly Update


Friday_Night_Magic_3We’re only one week out from the Eldritch Moon  pre-release Planeswalkers and we’ve got more news, card previews and story updates to keep you going until then. Don’t forget to sign up at your local game store early, because spots will fill up fast and each store only has a limited amount of promo cards. Let’s jump right in. Continue reading


Ubisoft E3 Conference Notes


Without sounding too much like a fanboy, I have been a big Ubisoft fan for quite some time now. Many people stood in the corner of the developer when Assassin’s Creed hit the scene many years ago. Although Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite franchises out there (okay maybe not AC III), I always was a big Rainbow Six fan. I will discuss some of the titles Ubisoft reviewed this year at their E3 Live Conference. Outside of their bizarre opening Just Dance sequence, Ubisoft opened up their conference this year with the highly anticipated Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3The release of Eternal Masters  is only one week away Planeswalkers, and more and more information is pouring in every day. This week, we’ll catch you up on all you can expect from Eternal Masters  whether it be rules and abilities you’ve forgotten or strategies for drafting. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger

The last few episodes have been a little padded in an attempt to lay the groundwork for major actions in the future.  “The Stranger” referred to in the title of the episode is one of the gods prayed to by those who follow the Faith of the Seven and this god represents death and the unknown: An ominous title for an episode.  There were a lot of reunions last week, alongside some subtle political maneuvering and all of it could mean a great many things for the story going forward. Let’s check it out. Continue reading

Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3IT’S HERE! For those of you participating in pre-release events, you’ll finally be able to get your hands on Shadows Over Innistrad  this weekend. For those not doing so, you’ve got less than one week to go before intro packs and fat packs grace the stores. Other than that, not a whole lot of news this week that hasn’t already been mentioned, so get out there planeswalkers and let the madness consume you! Continue reading

Tecmo Bowl Finals

tecmo-bowlHere is the OFFICIAL list of 32 players that have qualified to be in the finals on February 5th at Anchor Bar in Williamsville!

Jason Polazzo 99-0
Justin Klein 99-0
Jeff Yoke 99-0
John Gordon 99-0
David Thompson 99-0
Mike Balser 99-0
Mark Egloff 99-6
Tim Zazynski 99-14
Chris Darlek 98-0
Gabe Kierner 95-0
Brandon Dominkewicz 91-0
Nick Pappas 91-9
Doug Watson 91-23
Josh Loretto 90-17
Dave Widmeier 89-0
Mark Kauffman 89-0
Paul Teroecky 89-3
Frank Passafiumi 88-0
Chris Kozak 86-0
Louis Buennagel 86-3
Kevin Johnson 84-3
Dan Rosati 84-6
Jeff Hoelscher 84-13
Joe Migas 84-19
Billy Jo Printup 83-0
Neil Bommer 83-7
Jim Garbarino 82-7
Aaron Bienias 80-7
Tom Mann 80-7
Mark Prime 79-28
Mike Ensminger 78-0
Matthew Leux 78-14