Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions

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Now Playing – Undertale

UndertaleUnless you’ve been living on a deserted island for the past five years, you’ve probably at least heard of Toby Fox’s independent game Undertale by now.  This PC-Only RPG has swept the indie community like a tidal wave and received incredibly high praise from just about every source imaginable. Continue reading

Ether One: A 30-Second Review

Ether One
Title: Ether One
Developer: White Paper Games
Publisher: White Paper Games
Game Type: First-Person, Story-Based
Fun Factor: Low

If you read my Now Playing post about White Paper Games’ indie title Ether One, you know I went into this expecting something different and more ethereal.  Well I certainly found it, but it was wrapped up in a very boring game. Continue reading

The Ubisoft Ghost Lawsuit – Stupidity at Its Finest

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This is why we can’t have nice things.

Just yesterday (01/29/2016), Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against Ghost Games stating that consumers would confuse the studio’s logo with their Ghost Recon logo.  When in reality the only thing confusing customers is how they could make such a wild claim. Continue reading