Killer Instinct Season 3… What to Expect


Killer Instinkiller-instinct-wallpaper-3ct Season 3 will release on March 29th, 2016.  This 3rd major add on to the base game will provide you with 4 new characters at launch, and at least 4 more throughout the life of this expansion.  KI season 3 will also include new costumes, accessories, levels, and a revamped story mode to battle through.  The biggest news associated with the new season so far, though, is that Killer Instinct is getting a Windows PC release!  Who am I kidding? The biggest news so far is the inclusion of the Arbiter from Halo!!

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Street Fighter V Vs. Capcom

street_fighter_v_box_artworkThe newest entry into Capcom’s long running fighting franchise has finally been released in the wild.  After 4 successful betas, riding a hype train a mile long, Street Fighter V has arrived.  The only problem being, it’s been sabotaged by it’s own creator!  Likely not by choice, but there is no denying that Capcom has struck some nerves with the current version of their game.

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25 Years of Sonic The Hedgehog


It has been a quarter century since Sega unleashed the blue blur that is Sonic the Hedgehog on the gaming masses.  25 years of running, jumping, and spin dashing through 2D and 3D levels.  Some years our hero ran at the head of the pack, and some years he fell victim to predictable missteps.  It all began with that first step on the Sega Genesis console though, a 25 year marathon of pure joy.

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Boulevard of Broken Games

3229377067_04c576236b_oThe process of taking an idea and turning that into an actual working interactive experience is an immense undertaking.  Years of man hours go into conceptualizing, executing, producing, and marketing a finished product.  All of this in hopes of releasing the next big triple A title, and turning a profit.  Sacrifices must be made to meet technical limitations, budget constraints, and release deadlines.  Making a video game in this day and age has become easier through utilization of superior technology, but is also leaps and bounds harder due to lofty corporate and consumer expectations.

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Tecmo Bowl


25 years ago, Bo Jackson played his final game in the National Football League.  He was one of the most physically gifted human beings to ever compete in any of the professional sports.  Eventually all we will have is highlight videos and stories to remember him by, but one medium Bo Jackson will dominate for the rest of the earth’s days is Tecmo Super Bowl for NES. Continue reading

Street Fighter V

street_fighter_v_box_artwork      Street Fighter is king.  Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 7 years, you have heard of Street Fighter IV.  SFIV has been the class of the fighting genre since it’s 2009 release, but a new challenger has appeared.  Hot on the heels off their “Pro Tour” finals (and claimed last official SFIV tournament), Capcom is poised to release Street Fighter V.  This is the next numbered iteration in the long running Street Fighter franchise; it faces some lofty expectations and hopes to achieve a perfect KO victory over all obstacles that stand in its way. Continue reading