Magic Weekly Update

The long awaited moment has finally arrived, Planeswalkers! It’s time for the Aether Revolt  prerelease weekend! Time to get out to your local game stores and play with the new set a full week before it arrives on store shelves. We’ve got the tips and tricks to help you get prepared and come out on top. Lets begin-

Take Back the Power:

Alright, if you’ve never been to a prerelease before (what’s wrong with you?) let me shed some light on what’s so great about it. You get to play with the new set early, and you don’t have to worry about constructing any decks or buying cards because you make a deck with the cards you receive at the event. Everyone starts off on equal footing, and you get to keep the cards you play with after the event! That way, even if your deck gets a big old goose egg in wins, you can still potentially snag some awesome and rare cards just for showing up. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and end up in the top 8, you’ll get rewarded for your efforts with more packs. But more than that, if going to tournaments or big magic events has ever intimidated you, this is the perfect time to join in. Prereleases tend to be a more casual tournament with a friendly environment because every player is new to the cards and strategies and trying to puzzle them out. Sure, people could go in with a definite strategy in mind, but the cards you receive will be random so there’s no guarantee you’ll get the cards you want for any specific deck.

For more information on prerelease check out the Aether Revolt  prerelease introduction below:

Or, read the Prerelease Primer which will answer any questions you have and give you tips on how to go about constructing your 40 card deck at the event.

Of course, if you’re having trouble finding a store, the Oogie Games in Niagara Falls will be hosting the prerelease all weekend with a midnight release tonight, and another tournament on Sunday. Call now to reserve your spot!

Gaze Into the Aether:

So hopefully I’ve gotten you excited about attending the prerelease, but the best way to do well in any type of Magic event is preparation. You may not know exactly what cards you’ll get from your boosters, but being familiar with the new mechanics, keyword abilities, and cards in general can definitely help you make the most out of what you receive.

Many of the new elements introduced in Kaladesh  will still be there, such as energy and the vehicle card type, but Aether Revolt  will also introduce two new abilities in Revolt and Improvise:

Hidden StockpileFoundry Assembler

Revolt can punish your opponent for destroying your artifacts, creatures, planeswalkers or spells as you get bonus effects whenever they leave the battlefield. You can keep your opponent intimidated and always questioning whether destroying or exiling one of your cards is truly worth it.

Meanwhile, Improvise rewards you for using and creating artifacts. The more you have, the better the ability gets. For information on all the new mechanics and abilities, as well as tips on how to use them, head to the Aether Revolt Mechanics feature on the official site.

Art by Deruchenko Alexander

Now, with the new mechanics out of the way, let’s take a look at the cards themselves. You can see every card from the set revealed so far in the Card Image Gallery. With all the new information to sort through, sometimes its hard to get the big picture. Even if you’re familiar with the cards, forming a deck at the event can be difficult if you don’t know which colors and cards work best together. No worries, I’d suggest first taking a look at this breakdown by color which includes the general strategy of each color, what it pairs best with, and the best cards to help you get there.

If you want to get even more specific, Pro Player Louis Scott-Vargas goes through every card of every color and rates their usefulness. On top of that, he chooses the best three commons of every color. If you’re interested, read on below:

As of now, there’s been no article for Green, Multicolored or Artifact cards, but they should be coming soon. Of course if you want to go more broad, you can also check out Louis’ list of the Top 10 Cards in Aether Revolt. These are the cards you’ll most likely want to build around should you get lucky enough to open them at a prerelease.

By the way, did you know that some lucky jerks get to play with the new set even before the prerelease? That’s right, it’s called a Pre-Prelease and is usually reserved for actual employees of Wizards themselves or special groups. Well, luckily, one group was kind enough to record their pre-prelease experience and share it with the world. I’d recommend reading to get special insight on what they learned from the new set before heading out this weekend.

To keep up to date with all the latest Aether Revolt  news, make sure you keep an eye on the Hub Page where they’ve got the cards, story chapters and news conveniently gathered into one place.

Coming Soon to a Store Near You:

A blog post about prerelease would be nothing without some special card previews. First, you can take a look at a special group of colored artifacts arriving in Aether Revolt  as well as a simple description of how they work and how best to use them. Introducing the Kaladesh Implements:

Our next card preview will focus on a huge story reveal for next set:

Dark Intimations

Now, before you freak out entirely, the article assures us that Nicol Bolas is not on Kaladesh. However, this all but confirms that he will show up in the next set, Amonkhet. After all, why print a card revolving around a Bolas Planeswalker card if you don’t make one? This is big news for fans of the biggest villain in Magic, as we haven’t really heard from Bolas since Shards of Alara  and we’ve heard nothing from his arch nemesis Ugin since Battle for Zendikar. Even without the dragon himself, the card seeks to imitate him by using his colors and being a powerful spell in its own right. You’ve also got to appreciate the fantastic art on this card, foreshadowing a massive, constructed artifact creature whose twisted metal configurations strongly hint at the big dragon himself. And who’s standing at the center of it all? None other than the main villain of this story arc, Tezzeret:

Tezzeret the Schemer

So lets take a look at the new Planeswalker card from our lovable, manipulative, metal-armed dictator. First, a cost of four for a starting loyalty of 5 is a pretty good deal, especially considering that his ultimate ability is only -7, meaning you could use it after only two turns. His +1 ability makes him incredibly powerful in this set. Between abilities like Improvise which let you tap any artifact and numerous effects centered around artifacts, being able to get an artifact for free that can also act as another source of mana makes Tezzeret an excellent play at any point in the game (assuming your deck makes use of artifacts….which….why wouldn’t it?). His minus ability also combos well with the first one by letting you pump your own creatures, or taking out an opponents. In true fashion with Tezzeret’s nature, both the plus and minus abilities let you control the battlefield and fight your opponent on your own terms. Now, his ultimate -7 ability is great, letting you turn any artifact into a powerful creature, but it’s not an instant game winner like so many other Planeswalker ultimates. Instead, you may have to wait a few turns to build your powerful artifact army, but on the plus side, once the emblem is made, it stays with you the rest of the game, even if Tezzeret is removed or killed. Overall, Tezzeret will be an incredibly powerful and useful Planeswalker for this set, but only if you build a deck around him. Unlike a lot of other Planeswalkers, he won’t be useful just slapped into any old deck. In the right deck under the right circumstances, however, he can easily be one of the most powerful Planeswalkers in Standard.

That’s all we have for this week folks! Hopefully I’ve gotten you hyped enough to go out and enjoy some prerelease action! Have fun out there, and thanks for reading.


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