Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3Less than ten days to Christmas, Planeswalkers, and the supposed, “big reveal,” Wizards has been teasing (I’m guessing Tezzeret’s new card, all signs seem to point to it…unless it’s a clever ploy). In the meantime we’ve got a couple more Aether Revolt  card reveals to tide us over in addition to the last week of Standard Showdown. We’ll break down what decks worked best in Week 3 in your preparation for the Week 4 finale.

Walking in a Standard Wonderland:

First off, if you still don’t know what Standard Showdown is, where have you been for the past month? Secondly, it’s a special celebration of Magic’s Standard Format (which encompasses cards from Battle for Zendikar  through Kaladesh) in the form of casual tournaments every Saturday with special prizes in store for the winners. If you want more info or advice in building decks, check out the last two articles. For more of what Standard Showdown is and what you can expect to find at the event, watch the featurette below from Magic’s Facebook page:

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it. Each week, Wizards has published the decks with the best records from each week of Standard Showdown. If you’re eager to see what’s been successful so far or what you can expect to see when you head out to play this weekend, take a look at the Top Decks from Week 3 of Standard Showdown. Surprise! There’s an additional card reveal hiding in that link as well ho ho ho. We’ll get to that later.

Art by Ryan Alexander Lee

If you’re looking for a more general view of the Standard landscape you can check out the Top Decks in Standard, which covers the entire format and not just one week of play. The deck lists here come complete with a guide on why the decks work and how to play with them.

That’s all the Standard Showdown news I have left for you Planeswalkers; but again, check back to previous weeks for tips and tricks on building decks including building around colors or building around the top cards.

Joy to the World, Ajani’s Here:

Last week we analyzed the newest Planeswalker card reveal and the return of everybody’s favorite big, fluffy, bloodthirsty kitty, Ajani:

However, as you already saw, Wizards wasn’t satisfied to give our friend just one new and powerful card:

Oath of Ajani

With this card, it’s confirmed that Ajani is sticking around for the long haul and is now an official member of the Gatewatch. Oath of Ajani  is pretty much a discount version of his Planeswalker card. He does most of the same things but at a cheaper casting cast and to a lesser extent. Still, lowering the cost of Planeswalker cards and giving all your creatures a permanent +1 buff for only two mana is incredible. Just like his Planeswalker card, I’d expect Oath of Ajani  to see a ton of play in official tournaments. Especially when both can be combined with cards such as this:

Heart of Kiran

A 4/4 flying creature with a cost of 2 that you can use by taking a loyalty counter off a Planeswalker when you have a Planeswalker that can give loyalty counters out like candy? Absolutely no upside there…

To keep up to date on all the latest card reveals from Aether Revolt  keep an eye on the official card image gallery, or the Magic Facebook page. After Christmas is when the preview season will really begin in full. You’ll see plenty of new cards to ring in the New Year leading up to the prerelease on January 14th-15th. For other news, like promos and packaging, or to catch up with the story and characters, head to the Aether Revolt hub.

That’s all for this week Planeswalkers, not a ton of news happening until after Christmas. For now, I’ll leave you with a short, amusing holiday comic. Thanks for reading:


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