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Friday_Night_Magic_3It’s Gameday Weekend, Planeswalkers! That means it’s the perfect time to test drive those Kaladesh  decks you’ve been inventing for the past month for a chance to win exclusive prizes. With Pro Tour Kaladesh  taking place last weekend, we’ve got fresh news on the most used cards, decks and strategies from the pros which you can use to outwit or crush your opponents. Let’s get started!


First, if you missed out on any of the Pro Tour action from Honolulu, Hawaii, it’s not too late to catch up. Just head on over to the Pro Tour Hub where they’ve got coverage gathered from the whole event. Whether you want to watch from day one, or just see the top 8 players of the world duke it out on the last day, it’s all there along with other articles, deck lists, player profiles and post-tour analysis of all kinds. If you don’t have the time or attention span for all that, though, you can just read about the Top 5 Moments of Pro Tour Kaladesh for a succinct summary of all the most exciting moments from the weekend.

Now, let’s take a moment to congratulate the champion of Pro Tour Kaladesh, Shota Yasooka from Tokyo, Japan:

As the current top player in the world, and $50,000 richer, Shota managed to win the tour without a team. For anybody unfamiliar with professional Magic, that’s a really rare occurrence. Usually, players are part of a team that they can play test with, get advice from, support, etc. Not Shota though, he got to the top place using nothing but his own wit and determination. If you’d like to know more about Shota, you can take a look at this short biography about his trip to the Pro Tour. If you’d like to know more about the Top 8 Players in general, you can view their profiles here.

Now, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here-the cards. What cards were used the most, what decks performed the best, and what combos were the most useful?

How about we start with the Top 8 Decks of the Pro Tour. The decks that stood up to the competition and made it to the finals. Of course, if you’re a newcomer to the world of Magic these lists mean nothing to you, but if you care to watch, the experts at Wizards go over some of the top decks in detail, discussing how they work and play. If you want to build a similar deck, I’d give them a watch:

Just because those were the best decks, however, doesn’t mean they were the most popular. For that, you can take a look at the most popular decks and cards from the Pro Tour broken down statistically. These decks and cards are the ones you’re more likely to see when heading out to Friday Night Magic events.

Next, we’ll see the take of a pro who actually played in Honolulu over the weekend and what he thinks were the biggest hits of the Pro Tour. The cards and strategies that seemed to work best for everyone from a professional standpoint.

So, we’ve seen the most popular and powerful decks and the best cards to use, but what about the actual strategy behind it all? What are the strength and weaknesses of the top decks, how do they work really and what type should you personally build around? Luckily, Pro Player Luis Scott-Vargas answers all those questions.

So now that you know what to expect and have some ideas for your own creations, let’s see what’s in store for you this weekend.

Kaladesh Game Day:

As always, three weeks after a new set release means Gameday weekend, a special, locally competitive weekend with unique, one-of-a-kind prizes. Kaladesh  Gameday will be from October 22nd – 23rd at any local game store that usually hosts Friday Night Magic events like Oogie Games in Niagara Falls.

Don’t be scared by the word competitive though. The top players will get special prizes, but it’s still a friendly and casual tournament atmosphere. For anybody looking for that link between casual and competitive play or looking for that next step up after Friday Night Magic-this is the perfect place to start.

What are the special prizes, you ask? Well, the top player from each day will receive a champion playmat to show off and brag to all their friends about:

The top 8 players from each day will receive a special, full-art, foil promo Cultivator of Blades card:

But hey, just for showing up, you get another full-art promo card, featured below. So, even if you don’t do well, you still get a reward for coming out to play Magic. It’s a good excuse to get out and play Magic with some like-minded people or get the feel for more competitive play:

American Magic Story, Roanoke:

I’ll leave you all today with a cool new documentary series on YouTube, titled Enter the Battlefield: Roanoke. The series was made by the same people who created the Enter the Battlefield   documentary several months ago about professional Magic players and their journey during the Pro Tour season. You can find Enter the Battlefield  streaming on either Netflix or YouTube. It’s a unique look into the lives of professional Magic players and what it takes to compete at such a level. If you’ve been intrigued by Pro Tour Kaladesh, or the world of professional Magic in general, I’d give it a watch.

Image result for enter the battlefield

The new series, however, focuses specifically on one man. The 2016 Magic World Champion Brian Braun-Duin who is from Roanoke, Virginia. The town is also home to, one of the largest and most popular online Magic stores and websites. A number of pros write articles for the website, many of which we commonly link. Watch Brian’s journey to become Magic World Champion and how a historical small town has brought forth some of the best Magic players in the world:

Part 1

Part 2

That’s all for this week Planeswalkers! Hopefully you’ve got enough advice to be the best you can be this weekend! Who knows, maybe you’ll be at your own Pro Tour soon enough. Thanks for reading!


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