Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3Alright Planeswalkers, time to release your inner creative spark and invent your best deck because Kaladesh  release weekend is finally here! We’ll get you caught up on what turned out to be the most popular decks and strategies from pre-release weekend and hopefully inspire you to build some of your own unique decks for Friday Night Magic. It’s all about the art of invention after all. So let’s get to it!

Now You’re Thinking With Artifacts:

If prerelease weekend was any indication, Kaladesh  is already one of the most well-received sets in a while. From energy counters to the new mechanics, there’s plenty of good card combinations to give Standard play a good variety. The biggest comeback, though, is obviously artifacts. From the new card type, vehicle, to over-the-top powerful cards like Aetherflux Reservoir, artifacts have made a glorious and powerful return to the main stage of competition.

Aetherflux ReservoirSmuggler’s Copter

For many of you newcomers, though, the idea of basing a deck entirely around artifact cards may seem a bit foreign, seeing as the card type hasn’t seen the limelight for quite some time. If you’re heading to any Kaladesh  drafts this weekend, you may be wondering how to draft an artifact deck. How much is too much? When do you begin to mix artifacts with colors? When is it prudent to choose an artifact over a powerful but high costing colored card? Well, all those questions can be answered with this handy artifact drafting guide. But, vehicles throw a whole other wrench into the mix. They are artifact cards that can transform into devastating attackers, but only if you have enough creatures to, “crew,” the vehicle. If you want to heavily delve into the math of the matter, figuring out what the best ratio of creatures to vehicles should be, here’s a detailed analysis for you. However, if you just want a simple guide on vehicles and examples of decks that prominently feature the new card type, just go here.

Decks, Decks, and More Decks:

So, besides the blessed return of artifact cards, what else has made Kaladesh  an early success? A part of me thinks that the style of the set itself has to take some credit. After dealing with the doom and gloom of the Eldrazi exterminating life for an entire year, the bright and colorful world, inventions and characters of Kaladesh  are certainly welcome. Not to mention, this is our first real trip to the plane after seeing only glimpses of it in Magic Origins.

Image result for mtg inventors fair card wallpaper

Of course, the answer most professional Magic players will give you is that the new cards and abilities from Kaladesh  make for a variety of excellent card combinations and deck synergies. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is look to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. for the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of deck listings and ideas since prerelease. So, how do you make sense of it all? Which deck ideas can you actually rely on? What types of decks will you be playing against if you’re going out to play at release weekend tournaments?

How about we first take a look at some advice from the former Magic World Champion, Seth Manfield. You can see his list of what to expect for the first week of Standard. Seth takes a bit of a safe approach, choosing decks that were already powerful from competitive play last season and adding minor tweaks through Kaladesh  cards.

If you’re looking for some deck lists that feature more cards from the new set, however, Seth’s colleagues have more than a few ideas on how to best utilize the new cards and mechanics. You can find those here and here with a detailed description of the strategy of each deck.

Image result for verdurous gearhulk wallpaper

Finally, if you’re simply looking for quantity over quality, or are just looking to peruse as many deck lists as possible to draw inspiration for your own creation, here’s a list of 20 Standard decks made mostly of cards from Kaladesh.

Hopefully, that’s enough content to get you started on your own masterful deck invention, or at least give you a solid idea of what you can expect to see from opponents over the next few weeks of play. Even if you have an idea that is not covered in the above articles, that’s excellent news! Developing your own synergies and card combinations is part of the thrill of deck building, especially in a set’s opening weekend when almost everybody is still experimenting. Don’t be afraid to pursue your own ideas. After all, with Kaladesh, we’re all inventors.

Prerelease Wrap-Up:

If you decided not to attend prerelease events last weekend (why, though?) then tonight will probably be your first chance to draft cards from the new set. All across the country, however, thousands of players got to experience the fun early, and you can even vote in an official Magic poll for the best prerelease event in the country. Sadly, Oogie Games in Niagara Falls is not included-but we’ll get there someday. Here are some sneak peeks at the festivities from stores across the country this weekend:

That’s all for this week folks. Hope to see you enjoying the new set whether it’s at your kitchen table with close friends, or out at competitions at your local game store! Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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