Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3We’re getting closer and closer to the end of summer Planeswalkers, but by no means is the world of Magic cooling down. We’re three weeks out from the release of Eldritch Moon  which means Game Day Weekend is next in everyone’s forecast. Speaking of Eldritch Moon, last weekend’s Pro Tour ended the 2015-2016 Pro Season, and a chaotic competition for the #1 spot meant a big change in the pro landscape. Meanwhile, Monday starts previews for an interesting new set focused solely on multiplayer. Seem a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’ll break it all down for you-just sit back, grab a nice, cold drink and read on.

Pro Tour Fallout:

Going into Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, former World Champion and #1 seed Seth Manfield led the Pro competition by several points. He seemed unbeatable-until he was. Following a surprisingly poor performance from Mr. Manfield, which didn’t even land him in the Top 8, Lukas Blohon of the Czech Republic fought tooth and nail to emerge the winner and guarantee his spot in the World Championship.

If you missed any of the drama last week, head on over to the Pro Tour Hub which has summaries of the weekend’s events, video highlights, player profiles, and news on the upcoming World Championship. For more news as well as interviews from the Top 8 and a look at the start of 2016-2017’s Pro season, look here. Finally, if you’re late on the scene and haven’t paid attention to much of the Pro Magic activity, here’s a great article detailing the highlights, changes and controversies of the whole 2015-2016 season with a look at what’s to come.

Honestly, though, my favorite part of Pro Tour is seeing the aftermath and what decks the pro’s are using and how the Standard has warped from the new set. Before Sydney, everybody was banking on Blue and White control decks to dominate with the influx of excellent blue and white spells and spirit creatures. Again, Blohon surprised the competition with a White and Black Control deck. You can check out the Top 8 decks for yourself and maybe borrow some inspiration for your own decks on Game Day. Speaking of which…

Head to the Games:

Game Day Weekend might be the perfect way to beat the heat and thunderstorms this weekend. Head to your local air-conditioned game store and play Magic with friendly competition for a chance at some unique prizes. As always, the Oogie Games Niagara Falls location is included in that list. The winner of each tournament receives a special champion playmat to commemorate their victory:

Never fear though, as the Top 8 players will also receive a full-art foil promo card:

And, even if you don’t make it that high, all participants will get a premium full-art version of Unsubstantiate while supplies last:

Sign up now to guarantee your spot and prize!

So, besides the prizes, what exactly makes Game Day so special? Well, if you’ve ever thought of taking that next step from your kitchen table and Friday Night Magic to a more competitive level, Game Day is the perfect way to do so in a fun and casual environment. You don’t need to worry about time limits, or spending money on the best cards possible. It’s just you and your Standard deck against whatever competition is thrown your way. Players, novice and veteran alike, are welcome to play and win prizes. For more information on what exactly Game Day entails, what to expect, and cards to look out for, check out the official page.

Ally or Enemy:

Everyone likes to play with friends and if the thought of trudging through a competition without an ally at your side gives you anxiety, the next set is for you. Back in February, Wizards announced Conspiracy: Take the Crown, the second set in the unique Conspiracy format in which 3-5 players duke it out in a free-for-all match. The catch is the slew of unique multiplayer cards such as Conspiracy  cards, which are placed on the battlefield before play starts and affects gameplay in some way, or the Will of the Council  ability, which has players vote on what effect a card has:

Brago's FavorCouncil's Judgment

Starting Monday, August 15, the Magic Facebook page will be posting preview cards right up until the set’s actual release on August 26th. Seeing as Conspiracy is still a relatively new idea and format, not many people know what to expect. Of course there will be more Conspiracy  and Will of the Council  cards, but who knows what other crazy, game-altering multiplayer cards and abilities the crew at Wizards will come up with. Well, actually, we do know one:

Welcome Kaya to the Planeswalker universe. At first glance you can notice several huge details that make Kaya significantly different from most other Planeswalkers in Magic. First, she has no ultimate loyalty ability and she has a loyalty ability for the cost of zero. Secondly, her minus abilities affect all players within the game. Third, as she has no plus abilities, she will inevitably die no matter what you do or how you play. Maybe Wizards thought having a Planeswalker on the field that can affect multiple players for a whole game was broken. Either way, her zero ability is a nice way to remove threats, protect Kaya, or protect your own creatures. The flexibility is great no matter when you play her, but the cost of 2 life keeps you from abusing it constantly. The minus abilities will be excellent for multiplayer, and negate the loss of life from the former ability, but you only get a limited amount of uses, especially if you want to use the -2. Essentially, it’s a great card, as all Planeswalkers inevitably are, but her odd restrictions and drawbacks will keep her from being a significant, game-ending threat even in the multiplayer format she’s meant for.

Now, you’ll notice Kaya’s title is, “ghost assassin.” Well, how can you kill something that’s already dead? Find out in this week’s Magic story which contained Kaya’s preview card and starts off with a momentous event that will change the plane of Fiora forever.

That’s all for this week Planeswalkers. Have a great Game Day weekend and thanks for reading!



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