Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3It’s a big weekend for competitive games Planeswalkers! Soon, people from all over the world will gather and compete in contests of skill, stamina, and determination for a chance to be crowned the best of the best. No, I’m not talking about the Rio Olympics, I’m talking about Pro Tour Eldritch Moon in Sydney, Australia! There’s lots at stake in these games as well and we’ll give you all you need to keep track of the action as well as take a look at the top decks and combos the pros are utilizing. Who knows, maybe you can use some pro tricks to boost yourself to victory at your local Friday Night Magic event. For now, get yourself hyped with a trailer of the Pro Tour:

Speaking of Pros….

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a Pro Magic Player, or are just interested in what it’s all about, then we’ve got more good news for the weekend. Instead of watching the pros play, you could start making your own way to next year’s Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Irleand.

On Sunday, August 7 the Oogie Games at Niagara Falls will be holding a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier. The top winner will receive an invitation to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier, but even if you’re not ready to take that big leap, there will be several other prizes for the top 8 players. If you think you’ve got what it takes to compete with the best and you’ve been itching to play with your Modern Constructed deck, now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is. There is limited space, so it’s strongly recommended to register beforehand to secure a seat.

For more information on the event, and what’s required, check out the Official Facebook Event.

On to the Main Event:

Now, you may be wondering what makes this Pro Tour different from all the others? Why all the hype? Well, let me summarize it for you:

This will be the last event of the 2015-2016 Magic premiere play season. That means that on top of the $250,000 Grand Prize, the event will determine who gets an invitation to the Magic: The Gathering  World Championship and the captains for the 2016 World Magic  Cup. At the end of the event, the pro points gathered by all players at all pro events will also be tallied up to determine who makes next years pro season cut.

Essentially, the pro careers of dozens of players hang in the balance, and only a select few will move on to even greater rewards.

If you’re new to Magic pro tour events, however, I know the above paragraph is nothing but gibberish to you. Don’t worry, if you’re really interested in learning how the pros play and what the world of competitive Magic is really about, I can get you caught up quick. Start with these sets of articles that detail what a pro tour actually is, the main players and storylines to look out for, and how it all works:

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Preview, Part 1
Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Preview, Part 2

Once you’ve got that knowledge under your belt, take a look at the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon FAQ detailing the specifics about this weekend and then head to the Pro Tour Hub. This contains the official collection of everything Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, including a live Twitch stream of the event, news articles, social media outlets, event schedules and more! The event will be streaming all weekend, so highlights and significant plays at the event will be posted as they occur if you don’t have the time or patience to sit through hours of playtime. If you want to ignore all the reading and head straight to the action, just go on over to and enjoy.

Give No Ground

Fair warning, the pro players move fast and to those unfamiliar with cards and strategies they can make major, board-altering plays before you even have a chance to read the card. The best way to keep up, is to familiarize yourself with the combos and strategies you’re most likely to see. What are the most powerful decks and combos in play right now?

First things first, every new set always brings those signature combination of cards that people rush to build a deck around. These are the types of combos several pro players will be using, but can also be very effective and cheap to use in your own personal Standard deck. After that, let’s take a look at the top pro decks. This list was compiled from weeks of play and information gathering at other pro events, such as the Grand Prix. These are the most used, and generally most powerful, decks that pro players will be competing with. Part of the excitement from this weekend comes from the question: Will someone break the mold and sail to victory on a different type of deck? Or, you can use the list as a jumping off point for your own Standard deck. Do you have a tweak or change that you think could really maximize a deck’s power? Test them out on your own as you play this weekend.

From the Vault:

Another thing unique to the month of August for Magic players is the next release of the From the Vault  series. This year’s set will release a little earlier on August 19. For those of you unfamiliar, From the Vault  is a special set containing 15 tournament legal, black-bordered, holographic foil cards. What really makes these releases unique is that each card has new, alternative artwork and each card fits within a theme.

This year’s release is called From the Vault: Lore, meaning each card represents iconic characters, events, and magical items that have had significant impact in the long story of magic. Moments when the lore of the Magic multiverse was changed forever.

To see every card in the set, and learn the story behind each and every one, check out the official preview.

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading and best of luck to the competitors out there!



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