Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3It’s finally here Planeswalkers! This weekend Almighty Emrakul and the brood of her own making are oozing and slithering onto store shelves the world over. Will you stick with the Gatewatch and uncorrupted citizens of Innistrad to save their world or is the temptation of power and unity under the Eldrazi too much for you to resist? Or maybe you’d like to just take a page from Liliana’s book and revel in your own power-it’s all about winning after all right? However you choose to play, we’ve got news from Prerelease weekend and tips for bringing the disjointed tribes of Innistrad under your thrall in time for play this weekend.

Prerelease Round Up

First off, congratulations to all our winners this weekend and thanks to all those who showed up to play at the Oogie Games Niagara Falls location. The midnight release boasted dozens of players and booster packs won. If you missed out on the event, no worries! They still hold Friday Night Magic events every week, and keep your eyes open on the blog for announcements concerning Magic events at all our locations. But here’s what was in store for our players:

Everyone’s favorite tentacle monster Emrakul greeted everyone as they walked through the door while Liliana just looked on in disgust. Really makes you want to become one with Emrakul, or maybe just use her power to annihilate the enemy.

Between rounds, Liliana beckoned players to see what place they were in along with their next opponent. The stapled together remnants of a card in the corner are what remains from one angry player’s match. In case you’re wondering, it’s a Goldnight Castigator.

And finally, we’ve got our intrepid leader table duking it out, including master of ceremonies, Lenny (middle left). Make sure to give him a hearty hello if you attend Friday Night Magic.

For a look at some more prerelease events worldwide, check out these photos. Some stores go all out in costume and decoration. You can even vote for your favorites. We hope you’ll join us for the next event!

Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies Oh My:

Already one of the biggest takeaways from prerelease last weekend is the resurgence of tribal decks. For those who don’t know, a tribal deck is when you make a deck based around a specific creature type. For example, Shadows Over Innistrad  Standard became dominated by human tribal decks. With enough powerful human creatures and useful spells based around humans to give them an edge in competition. Unfortunately, the more supernatural inhabitants of Innistrad weren’t quite there. Sure, there were plenty of powerful vampire, werewolf, zombie or spirit cards but not quite enough to stand on their own. Well, Eldritch Moon  looks to change all that:

Gisa and GeralfStromkirk Condemned

Ulrich of the KrallenhordeUlrich, Uncontested Alpha

Mythics and Rares like the ones above have injected tribal decks with the power surge or bit of synergy needed to make them great. Even some of the more common cards have added more flexibility, a much needed factor. If you’d like to see an in depth comparison of what tribal decks looked like before and after Eldritch Moongive this a look. If any of the creature types interest you, but you’ve been too afraid to try building a deck around them, this is a good start.

For an even more detailed look on how spirits have evolved for the better, and how to make the most out of them, read here. If vampires are more your speed, give this a shot.

But maybe building a deck around one creature type isn’t your style. Well, in every set there are those few cards that are so exceptional that you can build an entire deck around it alone. Check it out for a glimpse of what people are already saying the most powerful cards in Standard will be and ideas of decks based around them.

Hopefully, we’ve got your mind brewing all sorts of strategies to defeat your opponents. Release weekend is always the perfect time to test your own deck ideas at Friday Night Magic events. So, get out there and experiment Planeswalkers.

The Walking Gatewatch:

Unless you’ve been avoiding the Internet for the past week, you know that this is also San Diego Comic Con weekend. An event that usually spawns hundreds of announcements concerning movies, TV shows, comics, tabletop games, video games and pretty much anything else you could think of to include in nerd heaven. Well, with Eldritch Moon  on the rise, Wizards hasn’t gotten much to announce, but they’ve sure got some excellent promo cards. Check out the zombified versions of our beloved Gatewatch:

New art for our ringleader, master of zombies and Romero’s fantasy girl.

Poor Gideon just can’t seem to catch a break. He could really use a hand. This battle has really cost him an arm and a leg. He’s no longer the right hand man. Okay, I’m sorry-

Well, Jace has always been about mind over matter.

I really love how each zombie card is tailored to the Planeswalker they parody. Chandra has certainly seen better days.

Nissa’s no longer six feet under, but she still carries a little remnant of the land with her.

No word yet on if these will be available after the Con, fingers crossed. Lastly, I’ll leave you off with a little comic detailing one man’s experience during prerelease weekend. Find the full article here.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!


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