Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3Happy Eldritch Moon  Prerelease weekend, Planeswalkers! Hopefully, you’re prepared to dive back into Innistrad and defend it from, or escalate, the horrors it faces. If not, call your local game store now to reserve your seat! We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to get you all caught up and ready to play this weekend so let’s hop right in.

What’s in a Prerelease:

For anybody new to prereleases, they’re excellent events for getting out and playing with/meeting fellow Magic players and getting your hands on a new set before it’s released in stores. Typically, you’re given boosters from the new set, and asked to build a 40 card deck from whatever you get-with the added bonus of keeping the cards you receive! Even if you lose miserably, you still have the chance at some awesome cards. But, I’m here to make sure you don’t meet your Promised End.

Just as it is for the Gatewatch, preparation is a Planeswalkers best friend when it comes to these events. First and foremost, especially if you’re new to a prerelease, check out the official primer. This article goes step-by-step on what happens at a prerelease with valuable advice on what you’ll be getting, how to construct your deck, and a quick rundown of the new rules and mechanics. Once you’ve gotten through that, I suggest taking a look at all the possible cards you could be receiving. Familiarize yourself with the list, see what cards and colors speak to you and try to recognize the best ones of each color. The less time you have to spend meticulously reading what every card you open does, the more time you have to actually put thought and strategy into your deck building.

By now, you’re starting to get a feel for everything. What you’re going to see at the prerelease and the bare basics of each color and its strategy. Now, let’s get into more advanced themes such as which new mechanics work better by themselves or in combination with other cards. Take a look. After that we’ll take a look at a core component for every prerelease deck-creature removal. Here’s a color-by-color look at all the best removal spells and the strategies for using them.

Now you’re feeling quite confident. You’ve got a handle on the best spells and the new mechanics. You’re probably starting to predict what colors to draft and your strategies for them, but perhaps the sheer amount of complexity and combos is making your head spin. Well, here’s another handy guide, organizing the allied colors (those that normally work best together) into groups of two and outlining the basic strategy of each archetype as well as the best cards from each to use.

Hopefully, this will be enough to get you into the mindset of competitive play for a prerelease. Keep in mind, though, that the cards you’ll receive are random, so it’s never wrong to just trust your own instincts. Whether it’s a group of strong creatures for one color, a fantastic combo you want to use, or just using the colors you got the most cards for; there are no wrong choices. You have the freedom to use whatever you want-so get out there and have fun Planeswalkers!

The Last of the Intro Decks:

Take a good long look Planeswalkers, because these Eldritch Moon  Intro decks are the last you’ll ever see. Once the next set rolls around, these will be replaced by Planeswalker Decks:

Essentially, they’re the same concept. A pre-built 60 card deck that can be played right out of the box for newer players and can be modified as time goes on. The biggest difference is that Planeswalker decks will contain a Planeswalker from the newest set and there will only be two of them as opposed to the Intro Decks which contain a rare and have five different color combinations. Ultimately, the Planeswalker decks will be better for mid-skill players and you can see the reasoning for the change here.

The last of the intros will be available once Eldritch Moon  hits stores a week from now. Here’s a full list of what each Intro Deck contains. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing, seeing what strategies Wizards has cooked up for each deck could give you some ideas for prerelease. It never hurts to check out potential combos and strategies.

How About a Little Fun:

I’ve spent so much time this week going over strategies that I’ve almost left out the pure fun every prerelease event has, particularly for these stores in Russia and Chile which go all out for the event. From decorations to cosplay to having event-goers solving mysteries, they hold nothing back:

Lavka Orka in Stavropol, Russia

That’s all for this week folks. Thanks for reading.


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