Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3Is it too soon to talk about Eldritch Moon? Wizards of the Coast doesn’t think so, and they’ve been enticing us all week with previews to make sure we know. But don’t think I’ve completely forgotten about Eternal Masters  yet. We’ve still got some analysis to go through after its debut weekend, so lets get started!

Moon Over Innistrad:

Did you know June 20th is the next full moon? Coincidentally, that’s also when the very first card reveal for Eldritch Moon will take place. Starting June 20th, a series of videos called, “Access Magic,” will be shown featuring Mark Rosewater (Magic’s lead designer) and Jimmy Wong (Video Game High School) discussing the upcoming set and revealing some juicy new cards:

Either keep an eye out on Magic’s Facebook or the official site on June 20th for what they’re hyping up to be a pretty big reveal:

People are already theorizing the new card will be a Planeswalker (Lilliana specifically since she’s the face of the set), a new and improved Avacyn, or Emrakul-the last MIA Eldrazi Titan. Knowing how Mr. Rosewater likes to screw with fans sometimes, I’ll go ahead and say it might not be either of those.

After that, starting June 27th, we’ll get another preview week showcasing and revealing cards right up until the prerelease from July 16-17. Keep checking the Weekly Update for new card reveals and breakdowns.

Past to Present:

Last week, thousands of players drafted Eternal Masters  for the first time, and had lots of fun doing so. If you have yet to bring yourself to any drafts, have no fear. You get the benefit of having the first week of drafts already analyzed by top players. Check out this video for a handy guide of the best commons and uncommons to have in an Eternal Masters  draft. After that, you can take a look here for an article detailing what the best card for each mana cost is in the Legacy format, going from zero all the way to eleven.

Now, one of the other things from Eternal Masters  that has floored me is the art work of the set. The way the artists have taken influence from older sets and older cards and reworked them is a thing of beauty. In fact, many artists for Magic have won awards for their work, most recently including Vincent Proce winning the Chelsey Award for his Guardian Automaton card from Magic Origins:

If you’d like to see the comparison between the art of the old cards vs. the art of the new cards in Eternal Masters, give this art review article a quick look. Not only does it have comparisons, but also the history of long time Magic artists and how works of the past have influenced the set. Personally, Terese Nielsen has always been one of my favorite card artists.

How Old!?

I’ll wrap up with another event that took place last week, the Grand Prix in Columbus. If you missed any of the coverage you can catch yourself up quickly with the top 5 moments. If Eternal Masters has invigorated your interest in the Legacy format, this event may interest you as it’s one of the few and largest Legacy format Grand Prix’s in the world.

Feel free to check out the Top 8 decks from the event and then proceed to feel old and worthless when you realize the top deck and winner of the event was 16 year old Clay Spicklemire. And no, that’s not a typo-16 years old.

Can you imagine what you’d do with $10,000 at that age? Anyway, that’s all this week. Thanks for reading!


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