Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3It’s time Planeswalkers, this weekend Eternal Masters  will be hitting shelves and game stores across the country and cards lost in the dust of the past will be polished off, upgraded, and delivered to your hands to play once again. I’ll help out those of you heading to draft tournaments or pro tour qualifiers or just a friendly Friday Night Magic with some tips and tricks from the masters.

Be Your Own Master:

The set may have only just come out, but already there have been tons of combos and strategies thrown around and when a set has as many powerful cards as this one, it’s good to be in the know. Last week I shared what popular deck archetypes and synergies you’re likely to see, so this week I’ll let you in on specific cards and combos to look out for. First off, we’ve got a list of powerful combos from Magic’s official site told through excellent graphics (like the one below containing one of my favorite and most versatile combos thus far).

After that, take a look at the top cards that will give you the most trouble as well as combos that work great with said cards and how to defend against them.

But we all know that often it’s not what cards you have but how and when you play them that can make or break a game. Even the simple decision to mulligan, or not mulligan, your opening hand can have a huge impact on the game. Luckily, one of our friends from the north will brief you on the art of the mulligan for the Eternal Master  legal format of Legacy. For Standard players, you’ll have to wait until next week for your Mulligan article but don’t think I’ve ignored you. Opening plays are just as crucial to a game as anything and this article will detail what you can take away from an opponent’s opening moves when using the most popular Standard deck arhcetypes.

Magic on a Budget:

With the high price fat packs of Eternal Masters  coming out and prices already skyrocketing for specific cards (I’m looking at you Force of Will), many players are worried about the cost of playing competitively. If you’re interested in a list of the most expensive cards in Eternal Masters  and the reason why, take a quick look here.

“Hi! I can help you pay rent next month!”

Luckily, not all hope is lost for those of you not able or willing to spend hundreds on cards. Here’s a great article detailing how to build the most effective decks within your means and still come out on the top of your local Friday Night Magic events.

The formats of Legacy and Vintage which Eternal Masters  was made for, however, is a different monster altogether. Most players in these formats have had the advantage of collecting rare and powerful cards for years, so newer players entering tournaments are going to have a hard time. Even with Eternal Masters  making it easier and, overall, cheaper to acquire good and essential rares for your deck, highly competitive strategies can still cost hundreds.  If you are intent on playing in these formats, however, here are some cheap(ish) options for decklists to get you started or, at least, give you your own cost-cutting ideas.

In Our Own Backyard (Kind of):

I’d like to end this week with a mention of another Grand Prix happening relatively close to us in Columbus. The event will be streaming all weekend, as always, so if you are really keen on seeing how the pros play and what professional Magic is all about, check out the official page. Not to mention, it’s going to be one of the few and largest events showcasing the Legacy format, because of the new set.

Now, I don’t want to intimidate anyone with talks of the pros. Grand Prix’s are huge, fun, fantastic events with hundreds of like-minded Magic players and not all of them there to compete. You can see the artists behind the cards or special fan-made merchandise or cosplayers or you can just watch if that floats your boat. If you’re interested in one of these massive events, here’s an article detailing the fun you can still have when not competing in the main events. With another Grand Prix happening close to us (in Pittsburgh) on June 24, maybe this will give you some motivation.

That’s all for this week folks. Thanks for reading and have fun this weekend!



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