Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3The release of Eternal Masters  is only one week away Planeswalkers, and more and more information is pouring in every day. This week, we’ll catch you up on all you can expect from Eternal Masters  whether it be rules and abilities you’ve forgotten or strategies for drafting. Let’s get started!

Master the Cards:

As we all know by now, Eternal Masters  is made entirely of reprints of famous and well-known cards throughout Magic’s long history. This also means we’ll be getting several reprints of abilities and mechanics that haven’t been in the game for a very long time. Remember the Threshold  mechanic? Not unless you’re a long time player, because the last we saw of it was in the Judgement  set back in 2002. And that won’t be the only mechanic we haven’t seen for 10+ years.

Centaur Chieftain

If you’re new to the game, or have only been playing for a couple of years, this deluge of new abilities may confuse you, but help is on the way! These release notes on the new set go over the explanation and rules for every unique ability you’ll find on cards in the set. By now, almost every card in the set has been revealed on Magic’s Facebook page or collected to view on their official site. If any of the cards or their abilities confuse you, I’d recommend giving the notes a quick read.

Once you’ve gotten a hold of all that, a new set of articles from Magic designers has been revealed this week, targeting intermediate players. This means, players clearly past the beginners phase but not yet ready to wade into the waters of pro play. If you’re a player who has a solid grasp on the basics, built several decks, and can adjust to the ever-changing situations in a game just fine, these articles will be targeted to you. Maybe you’ve done okay at Friday Night Magic events but want to get better and come out on top. Well, the introductory article can be found here, with more to come each week of June.

Time for Promotions:

If you’re a veteran player, however, and instantly recognize all abilities and what they do, then I know you’re more interested in strategy. Particularly, which strategies you can expect at draft tournaments and local Friday Night Magic events. Well, people have already started speculating on what combinations of colors and cards will be most powerful and the general consensus states that two-color decks will be king in the reshaped, “eternal,” formats. For a more official look on the best deck archetypes you can check out Magic’s official article or see what the 2015 Magic world champion has to say on the matter.

While we’re on the subject of Friday Night Magic events, take a quick look at the special art promos you can get at events throughout the summer. For June, you’ve got the beautiful Sylvan Scrying:

On top of that, if you think you’ve got a solid grasp on Eternal Masters  by now, preliminary pro tour qualifiers will be taking place across the country on June 11, including Oogie Games’ Niagara Falls location. For more detailed information, check out last week’s article or the event’s Facebook page.

For the Oldtimers:

If you’ve been playing Magic since the 90’s (first off, congratulations) you’re probably pretty excited for the newest set and seeing plenty of cards that you played with years ago. If you started playing during the Mercadian Masques  set back in 1999 then Wizards has a special treat for you. This week’s story is a throwback to the Masques  block and a great nostalgic read.

After that, feel free to check out this comic poking fun at the early days of Magic with jokes only long term players can understand (pst: if you really want a detailed explanation of the jokes-go here).

That’s all for this week folks. Have fun preparing for next week’s release, and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Magic Weekly Update

  1. Icatia is for lovers! Lmao!

    Generally I stay away from these types of sets, but I am always curious about what gets reprinted. (Exception was the numbered editions… but they gone). If it is bringing back mechanics like Threshold, that’s pretty cool though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed! I got really into Magic for the first time around the Judgement block, so seeing the older abilities I loved like Threshold and Flashback and Landcycling makes me pretty excited.


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