Magic Weekly Update

Happy Friday the 13th Planeswalkers!


A fitting day to gather your cards from Shadows Over Innistrad  and play at your favorite Friday Night Magic location. Will your luck hold out or will the fates conspire against you? Do you have any superstitious rituals before or during a game that you think help leads to victory or are you willing to throw caution to the wind and take whatever destiny throws your way? Well, this week we’ve got tips on using the most powerful cards, combos and synergies from Innistrad. So break as many mirrors, walk under as many ladders, or cross as many stray cats as you want-we got you covered.

Very Superstitious-Writing on the Wall:

Let’s first start with a little something for beginners. Forget combos and strategies, if you’re having trouble even mastering the basic phases of a turn or how different card types even work together, worry not! There’s a fantastic article that teaches you the ins and outs of everything Magic, from from your first draw to that final winning play. If you’ve always been interested in the game but overwhelmed by the learning curve, this is the perfect starting course. And while it may have been written back in 2014, all of the information provided is still accurate in today’s Standard. Welcome to class.

Venerated Teacher

Even for Magic veterans, brushing up on some basics may still be worth your time. Once you’re feeling confident, we’ll move on to some popular combos. With Pro Tour and Grand Prix, analysis of the top decks have been flying around like crazy but you can see what the most powerful and popular combinations of cards for all Standard events have been here.

Next is the most elusive part of building any deck-synergy. In simplest terms, this is how well the cards in your deck work together. You never want to draw a card that you don’t want or feel is useless. Ideally, every card in your deck should support others in some way, whether it be through a combo or basic strategy. Here are the synergies most top decks have been based around and how to use them.

Our final tips of the day will come straight from the Magic Facebook page with their Single Card Spotlight series. In these videos, they take the most used and most powerful cards from Innistrad (such as Avacyn, Planeswalkers, Cryptolith Rite, etc.) and examine how and why they can change the flow of a game and what cards and strategies work best with them.

Armed with this info, go take the terrors of the night head on Planeswalkers!


So now that we’ve all had time to experience Innistrad and play with it ourselves, what do you think? Are you pleased with Wizards’ efforts or are there things that you think could have been done better? Well, now is the time to let them know, because for a limited time they have the Shadows Over Innistrad Survey up on their website. You can use the opportunity to let them know what you think of certain cards or products and what you’d like to see from Magic in the future.

In addition, they’ve got another mailbag article for you to look at as well. In these, Wizards takes questions from Twitter and has the development team answer. If you’re interested in what goes into making a Magic set or are just curious about the answers, check it out. If this gets you even more thirsty for blood for behind the scenes Magic, give a look at this article detailing how they developed the double-faced cards for Innistrad.

Love You Mom:

Alright, let’s take a step back from the whole Friday the 13th bit to make a note of last weekend as being Mother’s Day Weekend. To mark the occasion, I figure I’d post a little something special to close this week. Here’s an article going over the most famous mother cards in Magic’s long history.

That’s all for this week! Dare I say, good luck out there Planeswalkers-and most of all, have fun! Thank you for reading.


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