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3eyedravenAlright ladies and gentlemen, Game of Thrones Season 6 got to full gallop pretty quickly; while the season premiere served in many ways to remind the audience of where the show has been in many ways episode 2 actually felt more like a season premiere with many characters facing pivotal moments in their story arcs. What is certain is that now the show is free of GRRM’s narrative in many ways and they can make sweeping movements in the pacing of the show. With a rumored 19 episodes remaining at the conclusion of this season it’s clear that winter has come. Obligatory Spoiler Warning.

BranHomeEpisode 2 begins with Bran! We haven’t seen Bran since he reached the Three-Eyed Raven at the end of season 4, confirming that the children of the forest were still alive in some capacity. In the time that bran has been absent from the show he has clearly developed his greenseeing abilities. He and the Three-Eyed Raven time travel back in time to Winterfell to observe a young Ned Stark teaching his younger brother Benjen how to fight when in rides Lyanna Stark: More about her later….She passes her horse off to a young Hodor, who can talk…as in, with more words than simply “Hodor.” He also was not always called Hodor; his real name is actually Wyllis. What does this mean?! An interesting theory that has been discussed is that Hodor is also a warg. It is suggested by Leaf (the only living child of the forest?) that Bran will not always remain with the Three-Eyed Raven and has a larger part to play in the war that will consume Westeros. Although Bran has made advances he is still a novice and I cannot wait to see the full extent of his abilities. Maybe he will warg into Hodor to fight!

Another notable sequence from this episode shows the extent of Tommen’s ineffectiveness as a King. He laments his inability to do anything about the persecution of Cersei and Margery over the dead body of his sister Myrcella. There is also a moment where Jamie essentially scolds him for not going to see his mother. I feel like Joffrey might have considered lopping off Jamie’s other hand if he scolded him in such a way. Tommen is only a boy in the books and they do a good job of showing his confusion in the role of king. He is the only Baratheon (Lannister) left alive; the prophecy given to Cersei about her dead children is coming true. Tommen will die. The details aren’t hard to imagine now given the current position of his wife; he could make a decison that triggers many deaths in King’s Landing. Then, we could possibly have our own little version of the Mad King!

TyrionHomeSpeaking of our own little Targaryens, it’s looking more and more like Tyrion could be a secret Targaryen. Could Joanna Lannister and Aerys Targaryen be the real parents of Tyrion? Interestingly enough, Tywin’s dying word’s to Tyrion are “You are no son of mine.” There are many places where the details of this theory can be found, but what is certain is that Tyrion showed very little fear when approaching the dragons where they were being held in captivity. As he recalls his childhood fascination with dragons (hmmm?) the dragons seem to realize something about him; perhaps it’s that eating a dwarf might not be the most fulfilling meal; perhaps it’s that he is seeking to make “friends” with them by freeing them from their bonds. More on the secret Targaryen stuff later….

The murderous politics of this episode have huge implications. First, Ramsay Bolton again seeks new levels of depravity and commits patricide. With the birth of a new heir to Roose Bolton in Winterfell, Ramsay makes this move to consolidate power which he is apparently doing very effectively. Oh yeah, and then he feeds his baby brother and his step-mother to his hounds. The only problem is that Ramsay is not as careful as his father was and his wrecklessness will be his ultimate downfall. He doesn’t understand the nature of alliances and only understands brute power when he claims to not need the support of every house in the north. The second political murder on the show was Balon Greyjoy being thrown off of a bridge by his brother, Euron, during a storm on Pyke. To decide a new king they must have a King’s Moot. Theon is also on his way home to Pyke. Just sayin’….

JonSnowHomeHe’s back! Jon Snow, that is—and did anyone really think The Bastard of Winterfell wasn’t coming back to life? With the help of an elaborate Valyrian resurrection prayer, Melisandra burns hairs from Jon’s body and puts life back into Jon Snow’s corpse. This is only after everyone believes she has failed and leaves the room: Tormund, Ed, Davos, even Melisandre herself—everyone except Ghost.  Perhaps we will find out where he went while he was dead.  In the preview for next week, it seems as if we are going to have a huge fan theory confirmed very soon. Is Jon Snow actually The Bastard of Winterfell?

In the preview for episode 3, it appears as if Bran’s greenseeing abilities will enable him to travel back to the incident that happened at the Tower of Joy. For those that do not know, this is a pivotal scene that many fans speculate will confirm a particularly impactful theory: That Jon Snow is Jon Targaryen. Yes, Lyanna Stark was not kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar Targaryen (essentially the act that caused Robert’s Rebellion in the first place) but that she willingly went with Rhaegar because she loved him and they had a child together. That child is Jon Snow. The reason why Ned might have claimed him to be a bastard because Robert purged the land of Targaryens to solidify his power. Better to be a bastard than dead. If Jon, Tyrion and Daenerys are all living Targaryens it would fit nicely into the idea the prophecy of the dragon having three heads.


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