Street Fighter V Vs. Capcom

street_fighter_v_box_artworkThe newest entry into Capcom’s long running fighting franchise has finally been released in the wild.  After 4 successful betas, riding a hype train a mile long, Street Fighter V has arrived.  The only problem being, it’s been sabotaged by it’s own creator!  Likely not by choice, but there is no denying that Capcom has struck some nerves with the current version of their game.

The decision was made to launch Street Fighter in a very bare bones state in order to get it into the public’s hands, and likely to make the deadline they set by scheduling a Capcom Pro Tour event so soon after the announced release date.  This lead to not only technical problems, but also a dearth of content.  With no arcade mode, no challenges, and online lobbies being limited to 2 players, Street Fighter V was already behind the 8 ball.  When the day one and beyond server issues reared their ugly head, gamers felt betrayed and outraged.  Especially considering there were 4 online betas that all performed admirably.


Don’t get me wrong, the core gameplay, the fighting itself is fantastic.  It’s fast paced and killer fun.  Capcom has even managed to make it more accessible to newer players to the fighting genre, while still leaving a game engine that allows for creativity and skill to shine at its absolute brightest.  The game is gorgeous to look at and boasts tons of color and flashy combos.  The system is easy to understand, but maintains depth for those who want to put in time to learn every nook and cranny of the engine.  The character balance is also spot on.  The mix of new, old, and returning fighters leaves interesting choices for any player.



Capcom has already announced they will be adding in all of the missing content in time.  There just aren’t any set dates for how long that may take at this point.  Also as of recently the server issues seem to be for the most part fixed, and Capcom has also been extremely aware of the situation through their very own @SFVserver twitter handle.  The store where you can spend your Fight Money is on the way, as well as lobbies that support more than 2 players.  Challenge modes, Arcade mode, and added Story mode content are all in the works as well.


So while Street Fighter V may not have been the greatest day 1 purchase, or even day 10 for that matter,  It’s not the worst.  We live in a world of games releasing before they should, and being fixed later.  This is just another in THAT long line.  At it’s basest of gameplay SFV is a gem.  Don’t hate the game, hate the corporate game business structure that keeps allowing games to get released like this.  Here comes a new challenger, have fun beating each other up everyone!





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