Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions

Originally posted HERE.

If you’ve been waiting for the first true breakout hit of the year, need on online shooter fix, or simply want to enjoy an engaging game with your friends, you probably won’t need to look any further than Tom Clancy’s The Division.  Set in a post-apocalyptic New York, the gameplay is proving to be as engaging as its premise.

More importantly, it seems like Ubisoft nailed down its server issues early with this one.  I’m playing the PS4 version currently, and even with the large amount of players online there’s been no lag or glitches of any kind.  Time will tell if this changes as I rank up and progress to more intense missions, but things are definitely looking good here.

This game will definitely have resonance with most players.  That is to say you’ll be thinking about playing the game even when you’re not playing the game.  Step into this world and you won’t want to step out; you’ll be texting strategies back and forth with your friends and plotting you next siege.  Even if you find yourself online alone, the matchmaking system is easy enough to work out and there are enough players around to pick up some squad-mates along the way.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing this more and putting up a review for you, so stay tuned for more game footage on the Youtube Channel.  If you’re playing this on PS4, don’t hesitate to add StandardDamage to your friends list and shoot me an invite.  Just make sure you send me a quick message to let me know you saw this on the Youtube Channel or the Blog.  Otherwise, I’ll assume I don’t know you and the request might be denied.

See you online!



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