Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3Last week, we sorted through the veritable avalanche of news regarding the upcoming Shadows Over Innistrad  block. If you missed any of the new card reveals, the official site has them all neatly compiled for your viewing pleasure. If you’re intrigued by the escape rooms and puzzles players had to go through to unveil those cards, you can check out the video montage of last weeks events on their Facebook page. Starting this Monday, March 14, the Facebook page will also be posting more new card previews every week leading up to the official release on April 8, so keep your eyes peeled.

This week, while we’re waiting for more news like dogs begging for treats, we’ll go over the effects Shadows Over Innistrad will have for new, casual players and veteran, tournament players alike. After all, it’s spring and terror-inducing, blood-soaked change is in the air for Innistrad.

You Know the Rules, There are no Rules:

Alright, Fight Club quotes aside, with every new set and the arrival of new cards and new mechanics, there is always an update to the rule book. Shadows is boasting three brand new mechanics, the double-sided card type, and the resurrection of a mechanic we haven’t seen since 2006. For veterans, they know this is par for the course, but I can understand if you newer players are intimidated by this fact. Luckily, you can look over this detailed guide on all the new mechanic and rules changes and familiarize yourself with them before pre-release events (like the one at Oogie’s location in Niagara Falls).

Talk About Standards:

For those not familiar with tournaments, Standard is the format that only uses the most recently released Magic sets. The majority of tournaments and Friday Night Magic events use this format, and the arrival of Shadows Over Innistrad  will change it in a big way. Not only will our friends from the Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged be rotated out, so will several of the staple cards and strategies used in the competitive format.

If you are looking to get into competitive play, a new set is usually the perfect time to do so as the metagame and popular strategies are overhauled to make room for the new cards. Here, a pro player breaks down which of the most popular cards will rotate out and how it will affect Standard formats, as well as what kind of decks will be most powerful once the new set drops. For those interested in what kind of decks the pros are building, or just need inspiration for a deck of your own, it’s an informative read.

Angel of…Mercy?

Well, she’s back. The Archangel Avacyn. On our last trip to Innistrad it took three full sets to free this character from her prison. With her presence, the armies of humanity should be able to rally against the forces of darkness and the monsters that call Innistrad home, right?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The madness infesting Innistrad is even powerful enough to affect angels. For those interested in the story of the set, or just Avacyn as a character, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to her transformation over at the Magic story archive. Last week’s chapter gave us a first glimpse at our new planeswalker and her savage werewolf form.

Also, if you want to read the story for Oath of the Gatewatch before it’s overtaken by the new set, every chapter in the story is up for your viewing pleasure here. Happy reading all!

I’ll be here next week to go over those delicious new card reveals and what they mean for the future. Thanks for taking the time, and remember those little voices in the back of your mind may be real after all…


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