Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3It has always boggled my mind how the power of a simple tabletop card game can bring people together. Whether it’s from making rivals at a Friday Night Magic event, getting hyped for a new set with fellow players at a pre-release, or simply getting a group of friends together to play, friends and enemies can be made with the draw of a card or opening of a booster pack. Well, Wizards of the Coast certainly hasn’t forgotten about the multiplayer aspect of the game and given us a whole week of news devoted to play styles that extend beyond simple one vs. one. So grab a friend and let’s see what’s in store.

Its Got Two Heads:

Have you ever made a deck with a friend and wanted to test it out? Perhaps the two decks are designed to work together with creatures and abilities helping the other. Maybe, you want to go to a Magic tournament with a friend but you feel anxious about being split up or playing alone. If any of these sound like you, then Two-Headed Giant tournaments are perfect for you. In this format, you and a partner share a life total and play together concocting strategies for your decks to support each other and take out the competition in equal measure. How will you play when it’s not just your life on the line?

Luckily, from now until March 6, participating stores will be hosting Two-Headed Giant tournaments! As always, the Oogie Games Niagara Falls location is just one place to visit and experience the joy of the game. For more information on how to play Two-Headed giant, here’s a handy video guide from the official website.Start planning decks and strategies now, because teamwork will be your most powerful tool.

Conspiracy, Assassination, and Betrayal:

If you don’t have a buddy you like to play with, but still want to get in on the multiplayer action, this next announcement is for you. Back in 2014, Magic: The Gathering released a set based solely on a multiplayer experience. The set was made for a draft consisting of 3-5 players and encouraged a free-for-all style of play. New mechanics were introduced specifically for this style of play such as Will of the Council which has players literally vote on which effect a card will have. Even a new card type, labeled Conspiracy, was introduced. These cards aren’t put in your deck but placed on the field at the beginning of the game and alter the flow of the game in different ways.

For any Game of Thrones fans out there, the story behind Conspiracy was tailor-made for you. Taking place in the High City of Paliano, a city loosely based on Renaissance Italy, you play as the head of a family constantly scheming  your way to the top to curry the King’s favor. Whether you achieve that goal diplomatically or violently is all based on the cards you use. Of course, it’s impossible to hold the ultimate title of King of Paliano, because our good friend King Brago holds the throne, an immortal ghost King with all the ambition and charisma of a Lannister. And believe me, that’s not a typo, a ghost is in control of the throne. Long live the King!

Or not! That’s right, for the second Conspiracy set arriving this August, our eternal ruler has been assassinated and now it’s up to you to connive your way into the throne. Announcing Conspiracy: The Empty Throne! Featuring 220 cards this time around that will once again focus on multiplayer chaos, your ability to make friends and enemies and manipulate other players will be at the forefront. How will you fare when you can trust no one?

Grand Prix:

For those of you unfamiliar with Magic events beyond local Friday Night Magic events, let me clue you in on one event called the Grand Prix which usually takes place in bigger cities across the country. They are two day events which usually host hundreds, if not thousands, of Magic players and reward thousands of dollars in prizes (specifically $10,000 for first in singles alone). These get-togethers are the best ways to meet the pros and see what kind of decks they are using as well as possibly being your own stepping stone into the pro life. Where am I going with this? Well, this weekend is the Houston Grand Prix. If you have the time and money, there is still room left to register, but for the rest of us Magic has announced they will be live streaming the event with commentary. If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse into pro life or just want to see what these massive tournaments are all about check out the stream here and see what it takes to register here.

If you like what you see, the closest Grand Prix to us will be happening in Toronto on April 29 or New York City on May 6. Good luck out there planeswalkers! Thank you for reading!


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