Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3It may feel like we’ve gone back to the Ice Age block here in Western NY, Planeswalkers, but luckily we’ve got plenty of news to keep you warm and looking forward to spring and summer! So, shovel off those snow covered lands and let’s get started.


Can you think of a better way to stay warm than sitting in a heated building with a large group of like-minded people and playing Magic: The Gathering? I certainly can’t. If that appeals to you, check out Oogie’s Friday Night Magic events at the Niagara Falls location. If you’ve never been, let me enlighten you. The draft-style tournament goes from 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM with a $13 buy in per player. If you have ever felt intimidated by such an event, drafts are great because you build a deck based off the cards you receive at the tournament. This means everyone starts off on equal footing and nobody has a monetary advantage over another (because we all have that one friend who dropped $100+ buying every rare card he could find to build the perfect decks).

First place prize wins a $20 Oogie Games Gift Certificate and second place is a $10 Gift Certificate. If we have more than 10 people at the event, there will be even more prizes, so come join in on the fun! We hope to see you there!

I Challenge You to a Duel:

For those of you excited for the upcoming set Shadows Over Innistrad, you’ll finally get your first taste with Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed coming out on February 26th! Duel decks are a package of two pre-made, ready to play, 60 card decks. Literally, you and a friend could just open the package, shuffle, and have two complete decks to play with. These decks are also an excellent little preview on what the new set will be like since new and upcoming cards are included as well as some familiar fiends from Magic’s last trip to Innistrad. If you’ve been itching to get away from Zendikar, want to settle a bet with your friend over who is the best player, or just want a taste of what’s to come this summer, pick one up.

If you’re still on the fence, or don’t want to take the plunge without knowing exactly what each deck includes-have no fear! Magic’s official website released a preview of the decks as well as a full card listing for both here. How about it? Will you be the type to use the power of the undead to ravage the countryside, or the one who rallies the last hope for humanity behind the banners of angels?

A Little Something For Veterans:

If you’re an experienced player that’s been around for the long haul and actually understand the Ice Age pun I made at the beginning of the article, then have I got some good news for you! This week, Magic: The Gathering announced a special set arriving this June, called Eternal Masters! This set will include reprints of famous and well-known cards throughout Magic’s long history complete with new art and design! Just take a look at the comparison below, it’s interesting to see how much the game has changed over the years, even from something as simple as the phrasing on the card.

Force of Will, Magic, Alliances                Wasteland, Magic, Tempest

Now, keep in mind these cards will not be tournament legal in any Constructed Format, save for Commander, but can be used in any Eternal Format. For those with Vintage or Legacy decks in need of upgrades, this will be the perfect opportunity.

I know all you new players have no idea what that above paragraph even meant, so let me break it down for you. Tournaments can consist of different types of formats. Each format has a different set of rules and different cards allowed. If you want a detailed list of every format, or just need to jog your memory, check out this.

On the other hand, if you’ve got loads of older, rare cards you’ve been waiting to sell for cash, now might be the time to do so because once this set is released the value of those older cards will likely plummet. On top of that, booster packs of Eternal Masters will go for a whopping $10 per booster. Is the price tag worth it? What other favorite cards are you hoping to have reprinted? Let us know in the comments below.

Story Time:

We’ve spent almost the whole article away from our heroes’ current predicament in Zendikar so let’s bring it back around. One of the great things about Magic, in my opinion, is the story and world-building behind every card. Every spell, creature, even land has some sort of lore attached to it. If you’ve wanted to get into the story for the Battle for Zendikar block or just get into the story of Magic in general, just click this link to the story archive and start reading. The newest chapter was added earlier this week and they’re getting to the ultimate climax for the current block, so enjoy!

For the older sets, I’m afraid you’ll have to purchase the actual, official novels, but the Zendikar block allows for a nice stepping stone into the almost two decades worth of lore around the cards.

For those who took the time, thanks for reading and I hope to battle you in the future!


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