Magic Weekly Update

Friday_Night_Magic_3.pngHappy Valentines Week Planeswalkers. We’ve got some cool events and news to talk about this week, courtesy of the hard-working folks at Wizards of the Coast, so let’s get started!

Game Day:

Well, everyone, that magical time has come. Its officially been three weeks since the release of the newest set, and that means Oath of the Gatewatch Game Day across the world! In case you’re a newcomer to Game Day, they’re one day tournaments in the Singles format with some pretty special prizes for the Top 8 Players. This time, Wizards of the Coast has spread the love by having Game Day on both February 13th and 14th. If you’ve really enjoyed this set and want see how the new cards have impacted tournament play, this event is perfect for you. Of course, if you just want to brag about your four turn kill Hedron Alignment deck, or just get together and test your new decks with some others, players of all types are welcome at Oogie’s Niagara Falls location. For more info on Game Day, check out the official MtG site.

But perhaps you’re new to the world of Magic: The Gathering or aren’t quite comfortable with the textbook’s worth of rules needed to play. Maybe you have a friend who would like to get into the game, but you just haven’t had the time to teach them-no worries! The Niagara Falls location now holds Friday Night Magic events as well and new or inexperienced players can be put into separate groups to learn the ins and outs of play.

Whether you’re new or veteran, pro or casual, we hope you’ll join us in battles across the Multiverse.


We may still be in the midst of Oath of the Gatewatch, but that doesn’t mean our friends at Wizards of the Coast have stopped working on their next project. This week, they teased the second set in the Shadows Over Innistrad block coming this summer. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Eldritch Moon!

Eldrith Moon Key Art

With over 200 cards to be released, as well as the return of the Plansewalker Liliana Vess, a planeswalker we haven’t seen for a few years, sporting an army of undead soldiers in the official promo art, this new block is shaping up to be one crazy ride. For those of you who missed Magic’s last trip to the plane of Innistrad, let me remind you what could be in store:

  1. Innistrad’s first set was extremely tribal, meaning each creature revolved around supporting others of the same type and color. In other words, this set was made for Gothic horror fans with creature types like: vampires, werewolves, zombies, spirits, skaabs (Frankenstein-esque monsters), demons, angels and human priests/clerics. Whether you wanted to head your own vicious werewolf pack, a militia of priests performing exorcisms, or  your own zombie army, this set offered you the perfect opportunity to do so. It looks like they’re keeping this trend for the second go around.
  2. Perhaps it’s fitting for Valentines weekend that Wizards is hinting at the reunion between Magic’s star-crossed lovers Liliana and Jace. With Jace’s picture shown in the promo art for Shadows Over Innistrad and fresh off his new oath taken in Gatewatch, how will he react to seeing his ex wreaking havoc? More importantly though, this could mean new cards for both Liliana and Jace. Seeing as Innistrad is also the home of Planeswalker Sorin Markov and Tibalt, we could see many more new Planeswalker cards coming our way. Only time will tell.
  3. The Battle for Zendikar block has had one very notable absence this whole time. The Eldrazi Titan Emrakul. Seeing as the Eldrazi are references to the Eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft and the plane itself is getting torn apart in the art, this could mean the long awaited appearance of our dimension annihilating friend.

No doubt, it’s a good time play Magic. Card reveals should be coming soon, so stay tuned. What are your speculations on the new set? Let us know in the comments below!

Moment of Zen:

No matter who you are, Magic has an odd way of bringing people together. If you have a significant other you like to play with and want to surprise them with some Magic themed Valentine’s, check out these from the Magic: The Gathering Facebook site or take a gander at these lovey-dovey French pro players [note: video in French but subtitled in English. Hit captions to see subtitles].


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