Ether One: A 30-Second Review

Ether One
Title: Ether One
Developer: White Paper Games
Publisher: White Paper Games
Game Type: First-Person, Story-Based
Fun Factor: Low

If you read my Now Playing post about White Paper Games’ indie title Ether One, you know I went into this expecting something different and more ethereal.  Well I certainly found it, but it was wrapped up in a very boring game.

In Ether One you take on the role of a “Processor,” someone who assists patients with dementia put their memories back together by entering their mind.  It sounds like a fascinating premise, and one you’re eager to explore at the beginning.

But it falls apart very quickly.  The loading screens as you enter and exit doors disconnect you from the experience, and after you explore the first of four maps, the game starts spoon feeding you its secrets.  It dissolves its own mystery to the point the ending is ruined by the time you reach it.  What’s worse is that you don’t have to solve any of the game’s many puzzles to actually finish the game.  You simply wander around collecting ribbons until you’ve found them all, take a few pictures with a snap camera, and move on to the next area.

Should you decide you want to be a completionist and go for every puzzle in the game, I wish you luck.  While some are very clever and can be solved within their respective area of the map, many of them require items collected from different maps.  Compound this with the fact that you can only carry one item at a time, and you’ll probably feel the tedium before you’ve finished your fifth one.

What stands out more than anything else is that for a game that’s all about memory and human interaction, you’re the only one in it.  Yes, there are a few disembodied voices that guide you along the way, but everything feels so hollow that they do little to fill the void.

So the bottom line…

Buy this game if…

You can pick it up for free as I did.

Do not buy this game if… 

You’re looking for anything that’s even remotely entertaining.


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