Top Tecmo Scores Update

tecmo-bowlThese are the UNOFFICIAL top 20 scores of the Tecmo Tournament, so far!

Jason Polazzo 99-0
Justin Klein 99-0
Jeff Yoke 99-0
John Gordon 99-0
David Thompson 99-0
Tim Zazynski 99-14
Chris Darlek 98-0
Mark Egloff 97-3
Gabe Kierner 95-0
Brandon Dominkewicz 91-0
Nick Pappas 91-9
Doug Watson 91-23
Josh Loretto 90-17
Dave Widmeier 89-0
Mark Kauffman 89-0
Paul Teroecky 89-3
Chris Kozak 86-0
Louis Buennagel 86-3
Dan Rosati 84-6
Jeff Hoelscher 84-13

We have one more qualifier before the finals!  Come out to The Pressbox this Wednesday, February 3rd for the last chance at qualifying!


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